Hello, my name is Thien Nguyen and

I am a Digital Designer and Front-End Developer

designing and creating websites, video editing, ux design..

My work

A selection of the latest projects that I've worked on.
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I'm currently available for freelance work.


Over the years I've learned a variety of different skills. I can apply each of these to whatever project that is needed.

Front-end development

Creating responsive websites in HTML5, CSS and Javascript. Websites are fast and work on all devices.

Visual/UI Design

Creating relevant designs that accompany the experience of a product.

User Experience Design

Conducting user research and designing the user experience while meeting the business goals.

Branding and Advertising

Creating a business identity and learning about customers how to reach and actively engage with them.

About me

As a designer and developer I use my methods to create digital products based on user needs and business goals.

Book nerd

Always exploring and reading about new possibilities of the world.

Tech geek

New tech? Hand it over. Experimenting and keeping up to date with the fast changing tech world.


Shoot me an e-mail if you want to hire me :)